Sunday, July 10, 2011

Athan - Deep Sessions @ July 2011


1.Harmony Music - Melodia (Unsaved6 Remix) [D&B Records]
2.G-Day - Last Day Home (Original Mix) [DP-6 Records]
3.Mihai Popoviciu - Slightly Pale (Original Mix) [Highgrade Records]
4.Mehmet Akar - Your Love (Original Mix) [Carica Music]
5.DP 6 - Night Train (Original Mix) [DP-6 Records]
6.Magnetic Brothers - Pretty Night (Original Mix) [Highway Records]
7.James Teej - Night Time Story (Jef K & Gwen Maze Remix) [Composite Records]
8.Tommy Largo - The Drive (Original Mix) [Trendy Mullet Recordings]
9.Leonel Castillo - Stone Peach (Delano Smith Remix) [Sushitech Records]
10.Divino Medrano - Chirimbimbes (Jared & Sebastien Remix) [South American Grooves]
11.Freddy Parisi - The Time (Marvin Zeyss Remix) [Soul Shift Music]


Mixed & Compiled By Athan @ 10 July 2011

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