Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DSRA006B Orelse - Oath Album Part Two - 15/06/2011


Artist: Orelse
Title: Oath Album Part Two
Label: Deepsessions Recordings
Incl.: 9 Original
Cat #: DSRA006B
Release date: 15/06/11

Orelse is back after the success of Oath Part 1, with the second establishment of his trademark sound. Oath Part 2 is an album blended with progressive sounds and crafted with his unique style. A nine tracks journey with blasters like No Strings Attached, Candy Hunt, the arabian flavoured Flick Of A Finger and the trance bomb named Life. Orelse shows us his warm side also with Sunset Of My Own, a melodic progressive house tune with great arragment. Beachball is a twisted prog flavor with tribal snaps and warm atmospheres and great for radio exposure and gets acompanied by Complexion. Along comes Farsighted, a dark tune with a heavy kick and stabs, perfect for warm up. Ofcourse the peak of the album couldn't be other than the extended version of Oath, that comes rushing with tribal beats and excellent melodies. The cut of the track is from outer space... Orelse has done again. A quality album with tracks suited for dancefloors and radios, structured by his trademark sound.


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