Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DSD039 AquAdro - The Sing Of Crows Ep


Artist: AquAdro
Title: The Sing Of Crows Ep
Label: Deepsessions Digital
Incl. Tracks: The Sing Of Crows, For All Mankind
Cat #: DSD039
Release date: 18/05/11

If the crows got a voice like this then they must be the most beautiful birds on earth.Mystery lingering in this track from the first second but when this amazing vocal appears then your mind & your senses fly to another dimention.In the second track of this e.p we got a classic deep track using some very nice male vocals & lot of tricky fx.

Support By: Gai Barone - Dave Garden - Magnetic Brothers - Gerardo Boscarino - Oliver Morgenroth


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