Saturday, May 21, 2011

Athan - Deepsessions w/Magnetic Brothers - May 2011 @ Friskyradio


1.Fady Ferraye & DJ Tim - The Mad Philosopher (Original Mix) [Apollo]
2.Simon Firth - Golden (Loquai Remix) [LuPS]
3.Andreas Agiannitopoulos - 6 Senses (Original Mix) [O2Records]
4.Franzis-D - Eternal Egypt (Ejective Remix) [Deepsessions Promo]
5.Andrew Philippov - A Night (Suffused Remix) [Mistiquemusic]
6.Diego Poblets - Pyxis (Original Mix) [Spherax]
7.Selim Gaston - Kingdom Of Heaven (Matteo Monero Remix) [Deepsessions Promo]
8.Matteo Monero - One Girl & Two Dogs (CJ Art Remix) [Mistiquemusic]
9.Spacebeat - Voyager (Original Mix) [CDR Promo]
10.Nick Warren - Flowers (Solee Remix) [Dig Deeper]


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