Thursday, October 21, 2010

DSR108 Eris - Fantasma


DSR108 Eris - Fantasma - 20/10/2010

We proudly present a very talented lady from U.S who brings us a real killer e.p. Eris made a very powerfull track & offer to us a huge remix pack.

The Original is the definition of darkness using powerfull kicks & a great vocal from Eris.

Bobby Deep comes with a superb remix for every dancefloor, that every dj would like to play.

We got two remixes from Abraham in this e.p, the first is an intro remix with a fantastic feeling & the second is in collaboration with Aural Frequency wich is more powerful but also make you fly to another dimention.

Ezequiel Marotte gives us a warm up track with an uplifting bassline & some very nice strings,

Haroun Omar made a deeper version of the original using Eris vocals in a perfect way.

01.Original Mix
02.Bobby Deep Remix
03.Abraham Intro
04.Ezequiel Marotte Remix
05.Aural Frequency ft. Abraham Mix
06.Haroun Omar Remix


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