Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DSR107 Sebastian Garuti - Blue Moon


DSR107 Sebastian Garuti - Blue Moon - 13/10/2010

Deep package here with some great remixes. The Original got the unique sound of Mr. Garuti with fat beats & nice synths.

Guido Percich comes with a deeper remix ideal for mixing in radio shows.

Guido Sava brings a more powerfull remix using classic prog basslines & kicks.

Mathias Chilano brings us a unique warm up track with great vibe & a perfect sound arrangment.

Nico Sparvieri goes a bit further making the track more atmospheric making us wanna join him to a prog trip.

Psychowsky comes with an epic remix showing us once again his skills on production & sound mastering.

01.Original Mix
02.Guido Percich Remix
03.Guido Sava Remix
04.Matias Chilano Remix
05.Nicola Sparvieri Remix
06.Psychowsky Mix

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