Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DSRC006 V.A Deeper Shades Of Greece


DSRC006 V.A - Deeper Shades Of Greece - 15/09/2010

Our label launch a new project named "Deeper Shades" which is going to include every time sounds from different countries. Starting from our country we bring you ten unique tracks from our best friends that you are going to love for sure.

01.Christos Fourkis - Kitaro
02.Josel - Two Grooves
03.John Hellson - Zero Ground Point
04.Nas Horizon - After All
05.Darkon - Spartans
06.Psychowsky - Terminal Transition Delta
07.John Moore - Canal D Amour
08.Orelse - It's My Karma
09.Dj Duma & Nico kala - Guardians Of Tartarus
10.T-Dallas - Crystal Connection

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