Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July @ Upcoming Releases

●DSR095 Chris Machlas - Dark Skies - 07/07
●DSR096 Mike Dipress - Space In My Place Ep - 14/07
●DSR097 Alessandro Diga - Trouble Ahead Ep - 21/07
●DSR098 Audioprone - Reflections Ep - 28/07

July @ Upcoming Shows & Events

Athan - Deepsessions - Episode - 022 w/George Marvel - 05 June @ Pure Fm

Athan - Labyrinth w/Coskun Simsek - 19 July @ Friskyradio

Athan - Deepsessions - Episode - 008 - 22 July @ Insomnia Fm

Athan - Deepsessions - Episode - 004 @ Beattunes

Athan - Deepsessions - Episode - 007 - [June 24 2010] on Insomnia Fm


1.Yuriy From Russia & Cream Sound - Leave Me (Original Mix) [Mistique]
2.Timewave - Upper (Original Mix)[Mistique]
3.Rodskeez - Drone Scope (Original Mix) [Replug]
4.Roby Deep - Late Night Affairs (Original Mix) [Carica]
5.Beat Factory - Please (Original Instrumental Mix) [Outta Limits]
6.Tom Cloud - Requiem For A Dream (Original Mix) [In Trance We Trust]
7.Daphnia - Windfall (Carica)
8.Loquai - Irish Love (Original Mix) [CDR Promo]
9.dpen & Nick Varon - Northern Tales (Original Mix) (CDR Promo)


DSR094 Darkon - Vision The Remixes

DSR094 Darkon - Vision The Remixes - 30/06/2010

Darkon is back with a great remix pack.
First we got a 2010 rework of the original with the classic Deepsessions deep vibe.
Progress Remix again from Darkon comes with a powerfull bassline and an uplifting vibe for a big dancefloor.

Orelse's Remix comes harder using some tricky fx.

Dancecraft Remix is a classic dark prog track ready to wash your brain.

Psychowsky Slow Release mix got a perfect prog feeling & a perfect sound arrangment. A real masterpiece from our greek friend.

01.Darkon's 2010 Mix
02.Darkon's Progress Mix
03.Orelse's Water Feeling Mix
04.Dancecraft Remix
05.Psychowsky Slow Release Mix


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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Deepsessions Rec. Pres. ''Pure Fm Loves Greece''


1.Guido Percich - Wire (Original Mix)
2.Breeze & Quadrat - The Time (Original Mix)
3.Cadatta - Fully Aironditioned (Original Mix)
4.Emze Hack - Black Panther In The City Night (Deep Shepherd Remix)
5.Jairus Miller - Peristroika (Original Mix)
6.Vinayaka - Never Turn Your Back (Cid Inc. Remix)
7.Juan Deminicis & Pablo Acenso - Rewind (Juan Deminicis Remix)
8.Darkon - Vision (Psychowsky Slow Release Mix)
9.Wes Straub - Drifting Inside (Original Mix)
10.Juan Deminicis - Rhapsody (Original Mix)

Progressive Stream

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DSR093 Antifish - The End Of The Day Ep


DSR093 Antifish - The End Of The Day Ep - 23/06/2010

Nice & melodic this e.p starts with "The End Of The Day", a very good track with a warm feeling & some great strings.

"Morning", the second track of this ep comes at the end of the party. the sun is coming up & the dj play this one to end a beautifull night.

01.The End Of The Day


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Sunday, June 20, 2010

DSRC005 Deepsessions - The Singles


DSRC005 Deepsessions - The Singles - 18/06/2010

01.Alexx Teck - Fallout
02.Cuddlecake & Bukaca - Smooshoney
03.East Sunrise - Something In Far
04.Trung Le - Landscape Restored

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DSR092 Mystic - Existrance Ep


DSR092 Mystic - Existrance Ep - 16/06/2010

First release for Mystic with an amazing e.p

"Existrance" is a huge prog track that everyone will love. a Track that balance between three styles using hard teck kicks combined withpur prog feeling & some trance strings.

"Myth" coming up with the original version with the unique epic style.
Okmanow remix comes deeper with a dub version

03.Myth (Okmanow Remix)


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Thursday, June 3, 2010

DSR091 Arctic Night - Intertwining Senses Ep

DSR091 Arctic Night - Intertwining Senses Ep - 02/06/2010

Arctic Night brings us an after hours e.p with some very melodic deep tracks.Using very nice synths & deep melodies all tracks give us a nice chilling mood after a big party. we hope you all enjoy this release.

01.Intertwining Senses
02.In Shade Of Moon
03.Nightly Trip
04.Valley Of Desires
05.Way To The Dream
06.The Girl On Deserted Coast


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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DSR090 Maxplay - Celebration Of Life Ep


DSR090 Maxplay - Celebration Of Life Ep - 26/05/2010

The tittle says everything by his own !!! A real great production from MaxPlay. Clubby
sounds keeping the classic style of our label make this e.p necessary for every dj !!!

01.Celebration Of Life
02.Plan B
03.Take That


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DSR089 Mad Morello - Sunday Morning Ep


DSR089 Mad Morello - Sunday Morning Ep - 19/05/2010

Authentic prog sound from Mad Morello with uplifting vibes that makes you wanna move your ass.3 tracks one better than the other !!!

01.Sunday Morning
02.The Lake Of Love
03.Soul Connection

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Athan - Deepsessions - Episode - 006 - [May 27 2010] on Insomnia Fm


1.Loquai - Take A Cruise (Original Mix)
2.Sezer Uysal - Convertional Fatique (Evren Ulusoy Remix)
3.Kostya veter - The Loneliness (Original Mix) [Jetlag]
4.Mehilove - Oblivion (Original Mix)
5.Eitan Carmi Feat. Schynder -The 9th Station (Original Mix)
6.Kostya veter - The Loneliness (Relaunch Progressive Remix)
7.Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Cyacya(Stiven Rivic re-edit)
8.Diogo Riberio - Dodds (Original Mix)