Thursday, May 13, 2010

DSR088 Breeze & Quadrat - 4 A.M In Glasgow


DSR088 Breeze & Quadrat - 4 A.M In Glasqow - 12/05/2010

Classic prog here with three amazing remixes from LoQuai, Ozgur Ozkan & Christos Fourkis.

Deep melodies & great feeling in LoQuai remix for warm up sessions.

Nice intro with cool breaks from Ozgur Ozkan going to more uplifting vibes later on his
remix using perfectly the voices & the synths of the original.

The perfect remix for a set while the sun goes down from Christos Fourkis with nice guitars in it. A real Greek summer feeling !!!

01.4 A.M In Glasgow (Original Mix)
02.4 A.M In Glasgow (Loquai Remix)
03.4 A.M In Glasgow (Ozgur Ozkan Remix)
04.4 A.M In Glasgow (Christos Fourkis Remix)


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