Thursday, May 13, 2010

DSR088 Breeze & Quadrat - 4 A.M In Glasgow


DSR088 Breeze & Quadrat - 4 A.M In Glasqow - 12/05/2010

Classic prog here with three amazing remixes from LoQuai, Ozgur Ozkan & Christos Fourkis.

Deep melodies & great feeling in LoQuai remix for warm up sessions.

Nice intro with cool breaks from Ozgur Ozkan going to more uplifting vibes later on his
remix using perfectly the voices & the synths of the original.

The perfect remix for a set while the sun goes down from Christos Fourkis with nice guitars in it. A real Greek summer feeling !!!

01.4 A.M In Glasgow (Original Mix)
02.4 A.M In Glasgow (Loquai Remix)
03.4 A.M In Glasgow (Ozgur Ozkan Remix)
04.4 A.M In Glasgow (Christos Fourkis Remix)


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Athan - Deepsessions - May 2010 @ Beattunes


1.Hypnotic Duo - Sound Of Glory (ZB Remix)
2.My Friend & I - Evolution (Original Mix)
3.AM-Concept - Weltherrschaft (Original Mix)
4.Nhar - Lotus (Original Mix)
5.Pablo Acenso - Emo Girl (Original Mix)
6.Faskil - Core Drumped (Original Mix)
7.16 Bit Lolitas - Personal Space (Original Mix)
8.Nir Mizrahi - Saved Your Ass (Stefan Anion's Second Chance Mix)


Athan - Deepsessions 020 [May 03 2010] on Pure.Fm


1.Gmj - Contrivation (Original Mix) [Vapour]
2.Loquai - I Dreaming (Original Mix) [Mistique]
3.Bobby Deep - Havana (Original Mix) [No Smoking]
4.Ticon - Magneta Drive (Original Mix) [Iboga]
5.Fernando Ferreyra - Disappointed (Juan Demicinis Remix)[Dark Pleasure]
6.Domased Electronica - Ganga (Loquai Remix) [Mistique]
7.Sebastian Garuti - Blue Moon (Psychowsky Remix) [Deepsessions Promo]
8.MSG - Gauge (Original Mix) [Deepsessions Promo]
9.Loquai - The Silent Storm (Original Mix) [CDR]
10.Pablo Acenso - Backgrounds (Mariano Favre Remix) [Mistique]

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

DSR087 Tomi Chair - Polaris

DSR087 Tomi Chair - Polaris - 05/05/2010

First appearence for Tomi Chair on our label with a very beautifull pure prog track. In this pack we include 4 remixes from some of our favourite artists & good friends like cj Art , Ariel AB,B-Max & Lacandon with Mega VeNeS.

Original & Ariel ABl remix are more melodic for a warm up session & cj Art remix coming more deep with unique style. Lacandon &

VeNes remix comes a bit more commercial with Lacandon vocals for the first time in our label.

B Max Remix comes with the unique deep style of our label, full of emotions & uplifting vibes.

01.Polaris (Original Mix)
02.Polaris (Ariel AB Remix)
03.Polaris (CJ Art Remix)
04.Polaris (VeNeS feat. Lacandon Remix)
05.Polaris (B-Max Remix)


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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Athan - Deepsessions - Episode - 005 - [April 22 2010] on Insomnia Fm


1.Graziano Ruan & Karmark - Snow Dancing (Original Mix) [Deepsessions Promo]
2.Cid Inc - Tudra White (dpen Remix) [Frisky]
3.Constant Progress - Le Cygne Cristallin (Kay-D Remix) [Morphosis]
4.Loquai - Organic (Original Mix) [Mistique]
5.Domased Electronica - Ganga(Kay-D Remix) [Mistique]
6.Tellur - Pacification (Jezka Remix) [Carica]
7.Medway And Luke Porter - Rtfm (Cid Inc Remix) [MicroCastle]
8.Fumihiro Hoshi - First Impression (Estroe Remix) [Plus]
9.Relaunch - Sunset Beach (Original Mix) [Jetlag Promo]