Thursday, April 29, 2010

DSR086 Echofusion - Liquid Planet


DSR086 Echofusion - Liquid Planet - 28/04/2010

This is what we call a "killer" e.p. Echofusion made a powerfull track so we thought that this would need some extra powerfull remixes & remixers. Coming up with five remixes this should not be missed.

Elfsong remix gives a unique melodic & powerfull feeling in this track that all those who have a radio show will include it in one of their sets.

M&D Substance remix use a powerfull bassline & some great synths in it making it a dancefloor tool.

Shamanah remix feels more tricky using some great fx in it keeping the good vibe of the original.

The Stain remix is a perfect warm up track with a good bassline & nice sound arrangement.

Psychowsky remix contains everything. Massive production mixing progressive breaks & uplifting basslines with great melodies of synths & piano, female sensual voices making this remix balance between prog house & trance. A real masteripiece for every dj.

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