Sunday, December 27, 2009

Deepsessions Recordigs


Deepsessions Recordings
Deepsessions Recordings is a label based in Thessaloniki Greece.Created in 2008 by Dj & Producer Athan.

Specializes in Progressive House,Deep House & Breaks Music.Deepsessions has co-operation with International and National Artists,Dj's & Producers.

Deepsessions experienced in Electronic music.We Put all our skills and knowledge to push new sounds and names, it's as simple as that.

Deepsessions Digital
Deepsessions Digital is a sub label of Deepsessions Family.Specializes in Deep House,Downtempo,Trip Hop.

Deepsessions Trance Limited
Deepsessions Trance Limited founded to bring artists specialized in trance music.










●Resonant Vibes

●Progressive House

●Release Promo



DSRA003 Cezar Lacrone - Alone At The Track Album



For the first time Deepsessions present a double album from an artist.
Cezar appear for the first time with us and gives us a unique album.
This is maybe the darkest work we release with tracks that everyonee will love.
Hard kicks, really dark basslines & some trance influences,will take you to another dimention.

Part One

Part Two

In Memory Of Ali Inzel [Nov 02 2009] @ Friskyradio

1.Antifish - The End Of The Day (Original Mix) 
2.Ali Inzel & Dubsinth - Blue World (Original Mix) 
3.Ariel AB - Silence In The Dark (Original Mix) 
4.Psychowsky - Denial (Original Mix) 
5.ID - ID 
6.ID - ID 
7.East Cafe - Winter Soltice (kay-D Remix) 
8.Juan Magan - Logical Progession (Original Mix) 
9.Psychowsky - Anatoli (Original Mix) 


Deepsessions ''In Memory Of Ali Inzel'' 30/11 @ Pure Fm


Download Both Sets

Friday, December 25, 2009

Deepsessions @ Insomnia Fm

Deepsessions @ Insomnia Fm Every 4th Thurdsay 19:00 - 20:00

24/12/09 - Episode - 001 -

1.Breeze & Quadrat - 4 a.m. in Glasgow (Loquai remix) [Deepsessions Promo]
2.Marcelo Vasami - In An Absolut World (Original Mix) [Deepsessions Promo]
3.Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Invisible Children (Bobby Deep remix) [Mistique Promo]
4.Tomi Chair - Polaris (Lacandon Remix) [Deepsessions Promo]
5.Dpen - Thalasses (Loquai Remix) [Promo]
6.Dousk - Keep Your Nose (Ramiro Puente & Karlos Elizondo Remix) [Vapour]
7.Ariel AB - Nothing Left To Say (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection]
8.Juan Deminicis - Shine On The Sky (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection]
9.CJ Art - Arte Nuevo (Original Mix) [Jetlag]